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We Make Your "One-of-a-Kind" Knitwear - Toshikazu Uto, Representative Director

UTO’s semi-custom made knitwear

What makes us unique is that we let you choose a color and a size you like and make your own knitwear. It may not sound like a big deal, but it actually is. Here is why our semi-custom made knitwear is precious and appreciated.
ありそうでないセミオーダー You may have heard of tailors but probably not ‘knit’ tailors.

Fabrics are fairly simple to be altered by cutting and sewing. Knit, on the other hand, usually cannot be altered as easily since it starts raveling as soon as it is cut. The only way to make a perfect size knitwear is to plan ahead for the particular size. Our semi-custom order system began based on familiar comments from our customers such as “It would fit me if the sleeve were 5 cm shorter”, “The length is too long for me” and “I wish you had a different color of the same design”.
なぜセミオーダーはないのか We challenge the conventional method

The common practice in knit industry is mass production and a vast inventory. The processes are usually broken down and delegated to different manufacturers. By doing this, apparel companies accomplish to produce a large number of knitwear at low prices.

The sequence of knit production is like this; knitting, 1st pressing, linking, washing & drying, 2nd pressing, and finishing.
The production lead time takes usually 3 months to 6 months. This standard system creates a tendency of avoiding small lot production. This is the main reason why ready-made knitwear is not popular in the industry.
自社工場しかないGreat advantages by with having our own plant

Over 20 years ago, we asked many knit manufacturers to become partners with our semi-custom ordered knitwear. Their answer was "no", for the same reason.

Our decision then was to challenge the standard of the industry. We purchased a knitting machine and built a plant to do all the processes on our own. This is when our adventure began.

Our production started in Yamanashi pref. in Japan and had to be transferred to Kitakami of Iwate pref. as our need of production expands.

The first process to make knitwear is to program the design into the machine.
The program is unique to each design and cannot be used for other products. But the rest of the processes are the same as when you make 1,000 sweaters. We chose to commit customer satisfaction instead of pursuing efficiency in production.

Once we receive an order, our knit making starts. All the processes are carefully taken care of by our skillful knit professionals. From the time we receive your order to the moment of delivery, everyone at UTO works to make the perfect knitwear, which will become one of your most all-time favorite knitwear.



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